A solution to a variety of ailments I had written off as normal

I first began with PIDDDS in July 2014 out of curiosity. I didn’t have any particular health issue that I was concerned about, but I am always interested in holistic approaches to wellbeing. Much to my surprise, PIDDDS was a solution to a variety of ailments I had written off as normal, as it had been years since they had begun and I had just accepted they were part of my physique.

Headaches_Migraines481During my first PIDDDS appointment, there were a few discoveries made. A vertebrae in my neck was out of alignment, which is a common cause for migraines and motion sickness. Two uncomfortable issues I dealt with regularly, without ever questioning the cause. The first PIDDDS session was really enjoyable and relaxing, but it did make me a little woozy. Little did I know, Sandra had put these vertebrae back in place, awakening the root of these two issues. Within a few days the sensation had passed, I had taking a long, twisty road trip without any wooziness, nausea or discomfort, and have yet to be car sick since!

Migraines, which I used to think were linked to sinus pressure have also been reduced significantly. Whereas I would pop a few painkillers a month to combat the headaches, I have only had one big headache since starting PIDDDS, which is usually brought on by stress. Sandra also discovered that my chest was very tight with stress, inhibiting my circulation and air to my brain… bringing on the headaches. The PIDDDS techniques have helped me be aware of when I am holding stress in my weak zones and helps me manage it, avoiding the giant migraine that used to be so inevitable.

Lastly, during that first appointment, Sandra showed me a slight curve in my spine. Throughout the PIDDDS session, she would explain how the different movements would connect to these areas and put everything back into alignment naturally. Much to my amazement, and the amazement of my family looking on, the cuve was gone within an hour. It was really bizarre to understand, but I have been walking straighter and more confidently ever sine. PIDDDS has been the element I never knew was missing from my routine of regular workouts and occasional massages… I wholeheartedly recommend Sandra to introduce you to this life-changing approach and help you walk straighter, feel stronger and lead a healthier life.