No more nocturnal enuresis for 10 year old

Feedback from a mother following 4 weeks of PIDDDS sessions for her daughter’s “nocturnal enuresis”

As soon as we heard about PIDDDS, we took our daughter to meet Sandra in the hope that she could help us resolve an ongoing problem that she had had for many years…. and she did!

Our daughter is 10 years old and suffered from nocturnal enuresis.  She wet the bed every night and during the last few years we have been to see many professionals; GPs, cranial osteopaths, homeopaths, Bowen technicians and bedwetting specialists.  Any help was very short lived (one night straight after treatment) but then our daughter went back to bedwetting.  We also tried several techniques; lifting and bedwetting alarms but these made no difference at all.

When we took our daughter to Sandra we explained the problem and also painted a picture of her and her character.  She is the oldest of 3 girls, kind, caring, thoughtful but also stressful, anxious, always wanting/needing to do the right thing, very nervous in crowds e.g. Metro and had difficulty switching off and getting to sleep at night.

When we took our daughter to Sandra, she had a goal to be dry at night for her week-long school trip which was 5 months away.  Sandra was very positive and felt this was achievable and started work straight away.  It was slow to begin with in that we’d have successful nights and not so successful nights.  Over the course of the next few months, things steadily improved and the number of consecutive successful nights increased.  However, we found that our daughter was having dry nights when she was sleeping in her own bed in her own room but as soon as she slept somewhere else she’d have a wet night, so Sandra not only worked on our daughter’s physical alignment but also on her emotional side to help our daughter believe she could achieve her goal.  Sure enough over time, she was able to sleep in different beds in different houses and have dry nights using the safety net of a waterproof sheet or nappy.

After a period of 4 weeks on the trot of dry nights, she had a final session with Sandra the day before her Classe de Neige and when our daughter came back from the trip saying she’d had total success we feel that she has reached her goal 100% and her success continues to this day!

It is also worth noting that over this period of time, our daughter has become less anxious and better able to deal with stressful situations.  She is more in control of her anxieties and has better coping strategies.  One other big change we have seen is that our daughter is happy to and gets great enjoyment out of reading now.
Thank you Sandra for helping her!