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Athletic Coaching


Athletic Coaching


Whether you are a seasoned athlete or new to physical fitness, the Sandra Giancola’s philosophy is that every client should have access to a level of training as if they were a professional athlete. This is achieved by adapting high-level training techniques to each individual client’s needs, taking into account not just their physiology, but their lifestyle as well.


Your Workouts

Clients receive personal fitness plans, ranging from cardio, weight-lifting, strengthening and stretching exercises to meet their personal goals. Moreover, Sandra instructs Pilates lessons with many clients, including the reformer/cadillac and mat-work, which can be instructed individually or combined with other training methods.

During the first initial sessions, Sandra will gain an understanding of the individual’s personal objectives, their existing level of fitness, their lifestyle and/or any existing problems that are important take into consideration. The goal is to outline attainable targets for each client, with recommendations for exercises and lifestyle choices they can follow outside of the coaching sessions.

Breathing is at the core of each workout, and so clients will begin their training with Sandra by understanding how to properly breathe and manage their energy during their workouts. A balanced diet and nutrition are also part of Sandra’s program.

Coaching sessions are typically one hour long, although can be longer, and are offered either individually or in a small group setting.

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