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PIDDDS Philosophy

In todays fast-paced world, we often rely on quick fixes without studying the fundamentals of how the body functions. Without discovering and treating the root of the problem, the body continues to be imbalanced. PIDDDS is about aligning the body properly so that we live balanced lives and our bodies can regulate themselves.


What is “PIDDDS”?

Personal Integrated Dynamics, Diet & Determination Solution, a combination of our physiological health through body postures & movements, eating habits & mental wellbeing.

PIDDDS is a logical approach to health that provides solutions focused on correcting the roots that cause a variety of physical, dietary & mental challenges – helping to correct symptoms at the source. This whole-body approach involves a series of physical movements, massages & breathing exercises, with certain results seen immediately, others over time as the body adjusts to its proper alignment.


Before & After

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Did you know?

The spine is the source of many health issues and once aligned, your circulation will be restored and your body will be able to “self-regulate.” Issues can include:

Back Pain, scoliosis, hip problems, herniated discs, neck, joint or knee pain

Migraines, motion sickness, sleep problems

Infertility, obesity or eating disorders

Diabetes, blood pressure, digestion issues

Emotional conflicts, communication problems, depression, addiction issues

ADHD, ADD & hyperactive behavior, neurological disorders, autism

& many more…



PIDDDS bookAbout the founder

PIDDDS 3D Living™ was founded in 2006 by Jose Garbe-Vilijn in Dubai, EAU. Jose has a State Diploma of Social Studies and Sports Massage, SAC Diploma as a Food and Nutrition Adviser and is a Dorn Method Master.

September 2015_Sandra and JoseA new PIDDDS center was opened in 2014 near Paris, France by Sandra Giancola Fabre, Ph.D. Molecular Biology, Olympic Athlete (1984 & 1992 Games), Personal Trainer, Peak Pilates & PIDDDS Master Level Certified & Instructor. Sandra and Jose travel for PIDDDS, conducting sessions around the world.



PIDDDS is relevant to a variety of topics, visit to learn more & read testimonials from PIDDDS clients around the world.

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