She came originally for hip pain, as a result hyperhidrosis improved significantly

As long as I can remember I have had hands and feet that sweat excessively, a condition was diagnosed by doctors as hyperhidrosis. The excess sweating is not only socially embarrassing, but also complicates day to day activities – writing is tricky (the paper gets wet and can’t be written on), utensils can’t be gripped, materials get damp and misshapen. In an attempt to remedy the situation I have over many years, unsuccessfully, tried various diet supplements, creams and iontophersis and rejected suggestions to use botox or have the glands removed.

PIDDDS has been a complete revelation. The first sessions I had were actually to resolve pain I had with my hip and feet (probably from years of running with a misaligned body). After my third session I began to notice that my hands and feet had started to sweat significantly less, and in the weeks that followed virtually not at all. Following a fourth session (just a couple of weeks ago) I have had occasional flashes of sweaty hands and feet, but mostly during sports sessions and they have for the most part stopped sweating and as a bonus I am back running more comfortably than I have for years!

Milles, milles mercis Sandra.